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Although A very beautiful Love In God  is a story illustrated, but in fact the author Joshua Tran based on many events of children and beloved servant of God, along with his personal experience, he wrote this book with a wish that it will encourage and build the spiritual life for God’s children everywhere.

God  gave me  a privilege to edit the book. Because we’re close friends, serving God together, encouraging each other in the past few years, I saw him very good balance of time. Though he is very busy, cares for family and children, undertakes a department store, to be secretary for a church in New York, and has studied a theology program, but he remains effectively in his fields.

Thank God. He graduated from Theology Bachelor and has been studying Master program.

Mr. Mark  loves God very much and lives closely to the Word of God every day, so the Lord has used him to write this book. I am extremely thankful to the Lord. He opened the way for the book was published today.

I have a chance to read this story countless times, but every time I read again I discover an attraction and many spiritual teachings are very precious. I believe that through this story, readers will be encouraged in the spiritual life very much. Parents can use this story to encourage their children depending on God in marriage problems. The unmarried young people will certainly learn a lot through this precious story to apply to themselves.

May God use this booklet to encourage His servants and children on the way to follow Him. Amen.

Pastor Peter Nguyen.


    I read A very beautiful love in God . In the field of literature, the novel is a book which was written to entertain. Most of the story is fictional, the characters are created, the details are designed to make it become a compelling and thorny story. There are a lot of sudden situations, giving pleasure and strong feelings  to readers. The readers often forget what they read. Go through the time line, we know that novels were published and sank into oblivion later. Only a few remain in readers’ heart. They are themed novels, transporting the spiritual benefits, the changes of social and life psychology.

Typically, those are the books of the group Tux Luc Van Doan with authors such as Nat Ling, Khan Hung… Those are How to be successful in life, translated  by Nguyen Hen Le or Noble Soul  translated by Ha Mai Ankh and so on. But books which were written about spiritual topic is relatively rare because it is difficult to write. If writing doesn’t well they will become dogma, similar to sermons at places of religious worship. And if it is very superficial it will  not carry what the author wants to recommend, send a message to the world. Fortunately, I read this book when it was a manuscript. I do not know what circumstances are waiting for me. But when turning the  first pages, I guess direction of the book through its title. But  I was attracted by the story when I read page by page. Both David and Hanna are young. They go to the same church. The author created a big obstacle. Both are incipient to have first vibrations in love but they have to live separately. Hanna crossed the border. David is in Vietnam. They must live apart half of the earth. This obstacle seems can not overcome. And this also is a problem: Their social context is also different. Hanna’s family is rich, David’s family is poor. I was thrilled to track every detail of the story through passage of time. The challenges of faith make David wobble. He didn’t believe that he can get married to Hanna. Hanna was governed by the social context. She was drawn by the proposal of Tuan, a young handsome doctor. Hanna has got two choice: David and doctor Tuan. This is a problem of marriage and family life in the future. At this point readers really understand what author Mark Tran wants to focus. That is problems of marriage for youth today  Indeed, in contemporary society, young people easily influenced by liberal lifestyle of the West, often rush impulsively before a key decision. They can make a easy decision if not considering carefully. They do not know that, if not going in the right direction, their family background and future life was corruption. Consequently the suffering, sorrow, not only for themselves but for their children, undermining the spiritual life of the Church activities. Two baskets connect in marriage is easy to be broken in the first days.  It may leave a lasting impact. No coincidence that the author let Hanna delaying to reply David’s letter. She had to wait a long time. Because she must think, pray carefully. She needs God’s guidance for her decision.

We know that if we struggle arduously, the victory will be glorious. The ending of the story is a happy, ideal marriage, giving readers a sense of peace, comfort, happiness. The ending of the story is the reward of those who have faith, set the orientation of their life in the hand of Almighty God.

According to my opinion, A Very Beautiful Love In God deserve to be parents, the young people reading, absorbing, is widespread in the Church as a guideline book for life.


The virtue life of the Servants of God in the story, the presence of God in all activities of life were presented cleverly by author. Although the story is fictional, but not hard, stiff, forced. It has got  attractive enough for a novel, though not dramatic, but  thorny to readers to be interested in tracking. This novel transports the subject of the author, through a clear literary style, the book certainly will survive over time.

Through the promotion of Pastor Nguyen Mint Hay, I learned that story is the article’s author Mark Tran which was published each term on “Faith News”. Mr. Hay edited and wrote the introduction to readers.

I would also like to introduce A Very Beautiful Love In God to readers.  Would you like to come in the realm of literary of author Mark Tran

Tran Quant Name, Writer and poet
Winter 2004


Dear Pastors,
Dear Children of God,
Dear readers,

When I had the opportunity to read the story over and over again “A VERY BEAUTIFUL LOVE IN GOD” I can not say no thank God.

Thank Him not one thing, but many things. Although I’m not a writer, but I have finished this work.  I was encouraged by Peter Nguyen, a bible school student at that time.

And Peter Nguyen ordained at a Vietnamese church in New York in 2003.

After pastor Nguyen Juan Tin died, the newspaper Belief interrupted for some time without replacement. During that time, pastor Peter Nguyen administered  Vietnamese Church of New York. He and Church Executive Board had a meeting and asked me to restore newspaper Belief of the Church.

Pastor Van Ling Huynh (Evangelical Church-Lancaster) also encouraged me  and he handed me a list of all readers from Pastor Nguyen Juan Tin. My heart was touched by God in this work. I accepted the invitation with tremble. I just know the Lord and pray to the Lord. He will  open the way himself, if He wants me to do for Him.

My main occupation is to live on the technical field and commercial. Writing is very difficult for me, because I did not write about anything before. God has a wisdom to me of technical field. So when I came to the USA,  I entered  a technical university immediately. I studied about operating commercial (Business Administration). I do not have the opportunity like other young men. They have a lot of time to learn. Since I have a wife and five children, three girls and two boys. But I have got a big challenge: Two children have got a disease of the brain. Both have to stay in bed and can not do anything. So my wife always is near them to help everything. Tran Tuan, my youngest son came back to the Lord on December 5, 2003, at the age of 20 . Currently, my daughter, Tran still stay in bed. Precious children of God in New York Church, and some  pastors know my situation and pray for our two children such as, Nguyen Juan Tin, Huynh Van Ling, Nguyen Mind Hay, Chin Dang, Le Phlox Than. And some pastors have the opportunity come to preach in New York for my church, I have invited them to my house to pray for our two children such as, Ten Viet Dao, Tran Then Mind, Nguyen Hue Cuing, Nguyen Bat Quant, Nguyen An Tai, Pham Hong Lac, and some other pastors  I do not remember their name. We are very grateful to all pastors and God’s children  who pray for our children. May God bless you all.
We are very concerned for the comfort of all pastors and God’s children visit for our family.

First, I thank Jesus Christ, for he who took me and my prayers and He always nearby to help me anywhere, any time when I need Him.

Second, I would like to thank pastor Peter Nguyen. If he could not help me, I  did not finish the book. God used Pastor Peter Nguyen encourage me very much to serve the Lord.  The long story ” A VERY BEAUTIFUL LOVE IN GOD” which I completed as a result  of pastor Peter Nguyen’s hard work. He edited Vietnamese book version before printing.
Third, I thank my loved wife deeply. My wife has sacrificed her life to my ministries. She has taken on responsibilities for the family and  cared for our children.

Fourth, I thank you for your prayer and help. Therefore I could finish the book. The Holy Spirit has been working within me, He made me walk to serve God. The sample of Joshua has inspired me a lot. He dared to obey God, step courageously into the water without any hesitation. If he does not step into the water, the water will not turn out. Similarly, I also took the faith to receive this task.  I see clearly that He is my wonderful pilot. Really speaking, I do nothing but I can do this because God give me the power of His grace, as Paul said, ” I can do all things in him that strengthened me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Finally, Thank you Lord for this book. I can only say, “Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!”
New York January 1, 2004
Author, Dr. Joshua Tran,


  A Beautiful Love In God

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